Meet our family

Hi! I’m Martha, the owner and breeder of King Mountain Doodles. We are a homeschooling family located in the hills of central PA, approximately an hour from State College. We have 100 acres of woods and meadows where our dogs can run and play to their hearts content.

Our passion is raising beautiful, healthy, and well socialized Bernedoodle and Cavapoo puppies who will be a wonderful addition to your home and family for many years. We do our best to ensure that adopting a puppy from us is a positive experience for you, and one that you will treasure for years to come. We love to stay in touch with the families of our puppies and will be there to assist you with any questions you have both before and after you take your new puppy home!

From the start, we knew we want our dogs and puppies to be the best of the breed. We are very selective in choosing the potential parents of our puppies, and it will often take a year or more until we find just the right one. First of all, they must be from a healthy family lineage, with health tested parents, and their littermates must all have a clean bill of health as well. We do genetic testing through Embark and Pawprints, and hips and elbows are cleared through OFA or PennHip. Secondly, we look for a good temperament, and choose only those who are sweet natured and eager to please. Last but not least, we look for beauty and conformation. Our dogs are all gorgeous, and their babies are just the cutest!

We take pride in providing our dogs and puppies with the highest quality of food and vitamins. We feed TLC all life stages, which is an excellent and well balanced diet. Many dog foods have fillers such as corn, which makes the food less expensive but has little nutritional value. Studies have also shown that feeding a corn based diet increases the risk of food allergies. High quality food such as TLC results in less poop, a less smelly poop, and a healthier and happier dog. It has also never had a recall. Click HERE for more information.

In addition to a high quality diet and exercise, we also follow a thorough vaccination and deworming program to ensure to the best of our ability that your puppy is parasite free and protected from parvo and other diseases. We give both the mom and the babies pyrantel at two and four weeks, safeguard at six and eight weeks, and again at ten weeks if the puppy is still with us. The babies are given a Neopar vaccine at five weeks as an extra protection against parvo, and a 5 way at seven weeks to protect against distemper, parainfluenza, adenovirus type 1 [hepatitus], adenovirus type 2 [respiratory disease], and parvo. We have been very successful with keeping our puppies parasite free by following this program, and we have never had parvo or any related virus.

We post regularly on both Instagram and Facebook. Follow us on social media to see videos and pictures of both our current litters and past litters. View our gallery below to see more pictures of our human and furry family.


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