Captain Charles

Captain Charles, or Charley as we call him, is our absolute pride and joy! At 45 lbs, he is a small size for a standard Poodle, but he is just bursting with personality! He is so goofy, fun, and loving, and seems very much like a little human in a fur coat! I searched for years before I found him,because I knew I wanted something extra special. When we went to pick him up and he jumped into my arms, I knew I had that special little guy I had been searching for, and the long wait had been so worthwhile! He is truly the King of King Mountain Doodles! He has a beautifully shaped head, perfect conformation and ear set, and his gracefulness and style is breathtaking! And his personality is amazing! He’s my favorite walking partner, and loves to be at my side as I go on my evening stroll. We love this little man so much, and combining his genes with our Bernese Mountain girls produces magic! His babies have brought joy to many homes and families, and have captured their hearts just like Charley has ours. 

Weight: 45lbs

Height: 22 inches