Heidi is one of our beautiful mini Bernese girls! She has a very sweet, happy, and outgoing personality, and is always smiling! We’re so in love with her, and we hope her babies inherit her beauty as well as her sweet and happy personality!

What is a mini Bernese? A Miniature Bernese Mountain dog is a cross between a Bernese Mountain and a tri-color Cavalier. This cross produces a dog that looks almost identical to a Bernese Mountain dog but in a miniature size. In terms of personality, they are a bit more outgoing yet also more gentle and laidback than a full Bernese Mountain. They are absolute sweetness and cuddliness, and so beautiful! When crossed with a miniature Poodle, their babies will be a more consistently small size than a cross between a full Bernese and a miniature Poodle. They’ll also be very sweet and more chill and cuddly. We’re very excited about being able to offer this to families looking for a more mellow temperament in a mini Bernedoodle!

Weight: 38lbs

Height: 18 inches